United Against Heart DIsease

Problem Heart disease kills 5 women in Northern Ireland every day, with the incidence of overall heart disease in the country is projected to rise by a further 25% by 2020.
Lack of knowledge and awareness of symptoms is preventing women from going to the doctor earlier.

Male victims of violence are some of the most famous faces in the whole country, commemorated on walls and murals across Northern Ireland as a way to remind everyone about their cause.

United Against Heart Disease
Now it’s time the forgotten female victims of a silent killer were given a place alongside them in their very own murals, regardless of their background or beliefs, to educate and recruit more women in the fight against heart disease.

The campaign will be launched by bringing together two of Northern Ireland's most powerful female rival politicians, Arlene Foster (the leader of the DUP) and Michelle O'Neill (the leader of Sinn Fein in Northern Ireland).